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Break My Heart For What Breaks Yours


A guest post from my daughter Isabella: Nineteen weeks ago I pulled into a camp in Wisconsin. There is where my missions trip of the summer began.  It amazes me that it was really nineteen weeks ago, it feels like so much has happened in all that time.

During my missions trip  I wrote a few pages each day on my experiences, stories that I recorded and then notes from my time in God’s word.  Some people said they didn’t do journals on the trip anymore because it took too much time and they never even looked at them again.  Not the case for me, I have paged through my journal more times than I could count, sometimes really reading and other times just skimming.  I would love to share this story I uncovered tonight.  It was a cherished memory, a night that I will never forget.

We stood out on the roof of an old college that our Chinese friend’s Great Grandfather had started many years ago and could now not be used because of Who he talked about in his classes.  Tonight we stood there under the stars looking out on this city we have been working in now for about two weeks.  My heart is broken for this city.  We have reached around a hundred through our program but how many more hearts are lost here?  And there is so much evil enveloping this place, it is just so hard to reach these people’s hearts.  Tom let us stand there and just soak it all in.  And then we SANG!  All of us on that roof singing our hearts out for God.  But not only for Him but for this city tonight!  My favorite song we sang was “You’re the God of this City” I mean how much better could it get??

I also have learned so much about prayer on this trip.   I don’t know how it could be almost over either! When we prayed we prayed in Chinese, Spanish and English and it was just like…. we are all praying in different tongues but You know them all and You are the same God for all of us!  Its making me think right now of all the people who believe in God that are praying in all different kinds of tongues right now all at once to the same God.  I mean who knows what they are going through right now or were they are!

We don’t but God does…  What an amazing God I serve… I am so happy He brought me here.

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