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Praying For Your Pastor And His Preaching


It has been said that when the Prince of Preachers, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, was asked what the most important thing was for his preaching, he answered, "That my people pray for me." Amen. How desperately we pastors, we preachers, need the prayers of our people. My good friend, pastor and preacher Joe Thorn, writes a helpful article on how you can pray for your pastor. His four points:

Pray fervently...

For the Word to be at work in his heart.

For Jesus to be exalted in his message.

For the Spirit to empower his preaching.

For his satisfaction to be found in Jesus.

It is worth your time to see what he has to say about each one. And then, for the sake of the Gospel, your pastor, and your own heart, pray this way for your pastor.

Thank you.

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