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Saturday Evening Post


A collection of stories from around the web, here from St. Cloud, on the edge of Lake Wobegon, comes the Saturday Evening Post.

The Unique Struggle of Same-Sex Attraction.  Haydn Sennitt writes about his experiences.

Not long ago, someone asked me how long I've been dealing with same-sex attractions. I was surprised to find a big, round number before me: 20 years. Of those 20 years, five and a half have been as a married man and as a father. I'm not gay: I'm a new creation in Christ. I am a Christian struggling with unwanted same-sex attractions (SSA). I am a pastoral worker and a Bible college student, and homosexuality has been a prominent part of my journey as a Christian. I wish that it were not so, though part of me knows that God has been using this struggle powerfully to bring me to himself.     Read More...

The Case For Early Marriage.  When it comes to young men and women getting married these days, one of the biggest problems I usually have is the parents. Namely, parents telling their kids they should wait to get married. Mark Regenerus writes about how this kind of thinking is a big factor in the common Christian problem of pre-marital sex, among other relational problems and challenges.   Read More...

What God Is Building In All The "Inefficiencies" Of Life.  Jon Bloom writes about how the obstacles you face in life are a part of God's grace to you.

Time and energy is money. And money is money. So when we want to get something done we typically want it done as efficiently as possible.

That’s why we are often bewildered when God gives us work to do and then allows the “inefficiencies” of trouble and opposition to consume so much time, energy, and money. Why does he do this? We see a clue in the book of Nehemiah.    Read More...

My Experience With Anorexia.  A pastor's wife writes about her struggle with anorexia.

If you’d met me seven years ago, you’d have seen someone who appeared to have it all together. A ‘successful’ Christian, newly married to a vicar in training. Leader of a thriving children’s ministry. A talented student with a bright future. Underneath however, the reality was very different: I was consumed by an eating disorder that would nearly kill me. So how did I get there – and what has helped to bring me out?   Read More...

You're Not Crazy.  Ray Ortlund is a pastor. More, he is a pastor to pastors. In this article, he writes about what all of us pastors are going to feel like day after tomorrow. If you are a pastor, save this one for Monday. If you are not, save it for Monday, and pray for your pastor.   Read More...

Calvary Love. John Piper's latest poem as a picture.

And just for fun, Danny MacAskill vs. San Francisco ::

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