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God Was Tatted Up So That He Would Not Forget You

Despondency and discouragement are an unfortunate part of the human experience. While not simply dealt with in many cases, the solution must always include turning to the LORD, through the Word. Alec Motyer:

The Lord's therapy is to bring us, by means of his Word, pondered and understood, out of depression and the downcast face (Luke 24:17) into the burning heart, bouyant step, and the assured testimony (Luke 24:32-35). (from Isaiah By The Day, p. 245)

My reading of Isaiah this morning provided an example of what a counseling session looks like between God and his people.

A despondent people:

And Zion has said:

'Yahweh has left me;

and, Sovereign though he is, he has forgotten me!' (Isaiah 49:14)

But then, a precious promise, spoken by God, for countering the despondency of his people:

Does a woman forget the infant at her breast,

so as to fail in compassion for the son of her body?

Even these may forget!

But as for me, I will not forget you.


On my palms I have engraved you;

your walls are constantly in front of me. (Isaiah 49:15-16)


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