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China Team Update

Isabella is on her way to Beijing for the last part of her mission trip. 42 precious Chinese men and women were delivered from darkness into the joy of following Jesus because of their efforts and obedience. Hallelujah!

The team leader, Tom, writes:

I just want to reemphasize how hard the team worked for those who are reading this.  I don’t want to use any cliché’s, but sometimes they are fitting.  So here it goes, I’ll throw out a bunch for the heck of it: They poured it all out.  They left it all on the field.  They ran the good race.  They gave it their all…(sick of them yet?).  But the thing is, it’s true.  The China family really did a good job, and worked hard with a spirit of unity.  And it showed.  And so we saw much fruit and there are a lot of newly born Chinese who are now praising the Father through His Son Jesus.

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Thanks for praying for her and the team, and please keep doing so until they arrive home next Saturday.

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