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Work The Text Into Your Life

My hope as a preacher of God's Word is that people will not so much remember the sermon this week, but that they will remember the text. Further, that the Spirit would have worked it into the heart a bit this morning, and over Sunday lunch, dinner, and throughout this week, people will continue to press it into mind, heart, and life.

At Calvary, one of the things we are doing to help that process along is to provide discussion questions for our Community Groups and for the families in our church. So please head on over to our site if you worshiped with us this morning, and give the Spirit another go at your transformation.

And if you attend another church, and maybe they don't provide such a tool, don't let that stop you. Pull out your Bible, open to the text the preacher proclaimed this morning, and start asking lots of questions (of the text, not the sermon or preacher).

God will bless your labors.

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